Being creative in the world of photography is hard and in order to stand out you need to be unique. Forcing yourself to stick to a style of photography will compel you to make creative images.

Here is a list of various styles of photography which should get your creative ideas flowing. Why not combine some of the techniques in to one photograph!

1. Long Exposure Photography – Water

(Harvey woods –

While using a tripod in low light you can change the look of moving subjects, creating a very unique image. Water is perfect for this and can create a misty, moody image.

2. Long Exposure Photography – Lights/Light Trails

(Pexels –

Using a tripod and long exposure (between 10-30 seconds) you can turn moving cars into light trails. 

3. Long Exposure Photography – Star Trails

mountain Long Exposure
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A much longer exposure of around 30 minutes you can track the movement of the stars within your scene. Focusing on different parts of the sky can create different effects, such as pinpointing the northern star can create a circle of stars rather then lines.

4. Long Exposure Photography – Zooming in

Long Exposure Car Wheel
(tookapic –

Shorter shutter speeds of around 1/3 sec, while zooming in/out with the camera lens, can produce very artistic images like the one above.

5. Long Exposure Photography – Panning Up

Long Exposure Forrest
Harvey Woods (

Moving the camera upwards while using an exposure of around ½ a second can create unique lines during the exposure. Make sure you use a tripod to keep the straight lines.

 6. Bokeh

bicycle BOKEH
(Pexels –

Selecting a large aperture can create a pleasing blurry background and is ideal for portraits.

7. Hold up Old Photos to Match them up with the Background

photograph on top of image
Harvey Woods (

Finding old and new photographs is a great way of telling a story by holding them up against a scene. Check out the website ‘’ for some amazing examples.

 8. Overlap Photos

Image on top of image
Harvey Woods (

If you photograph a scene but each image overlaps the other by a 1/4, once printed you can place them over the other to show a panoramic. 

9. Underwater Photography

(Stocksnap –

Using an underwater camera or waterproof housing you can create some fascinating images of wildlife underwater. There are various courses that can teach you the basics of underwater photography, which is recommended before you try it yourself.  

10. Use Shadows

shadows Dancing
(Loggawiggler –

Shadow art is very common amongst street photographers and can be very creative as not every image will be the same. 

11. Make A collage

Bear College
Harvey Woods (

 Capturing a series, of images of a moving subject, can tell a story if you print them as a college. 

12. Macro Photography

Macro Frog
Harvey Woods (

Macro photography is photographing objects that are extremely small. Normally macro photographers would use a lens with a 1:1 ratio, which is the size of the subject on the sensor.

13. Panorama

Old Rotting Boats
Harvey Woods (

Panoramas are perfect for those situations where the beautiful view won’t fully fit in your lens. This technique allows you to capture these scenes with a few photos and some editing.

14. Double Exposures

Double Exposure
(Rakazt –

Double exposures can be done in camera or post editing. Combining two images can make very creative silhouettes if done correctly.

15. Create Frames within an Image

Harvey woods (

Framing an image acts as a leading line towards the focal point and is a very clever way to compose your image.

 16. Street Photography

Streek Photograph
Harvey Woods (

If you’re patient and want a way to show of your surroundings, street photography is definitely for you. You also get to meet some great characters and can immerse yourself in real life. 

17. Film Noir

film noir
Harvey Woods (

Film Noir is topic photography students typically study, and can definitely be linked to street photography as it’s a way to add drama using dim lighting.  

18. Photograph in the rain

StockSnap (

Not one for the faint-hearted as capturing photos in the rain could possibly damage your gear. However if you’re willing to buy the correct equipment you can achieve very dramatic images.

19.  Weather Photography

Lightning Strike Photo
Harvey (

Similar to photographing in the rain, weather photography is very unpredictable and can be highly dangerous. However, this also means it’s very rewarding.

20. HDR

HDR photo
(Skitterphoto –

A technique popular with landscape photographers, is where you take 3 or more images with different exposures and then edit them together creating a balanced image.  

21. Time Lapse

Time lapse photo
Harvey (

Capturing a series of images, with a quick shutter speed, can show a story of how objects move (like above), or how clouds move across the sky.  

22. Black and White

Black and White Image
Harvey (

One of the most popular forms of photography and a technique some of the most famous photographers use themselves. Working in black and white will force you to think about your composition more carefully, and will therefore help you improve your skills.

23. Food

food photo
(Oldmermaid –

Images of colourful fruits and creatives coffee designs are all very popular and is a route many professional photographers go down. Just think about how many cookery books there are out there!

24. Sport

Bike Slow Motion Photo
(Unsplash –

This genre of photography is fairly self explanatory but like food photography it can also be big business! Sport photography is all about quick shutter speeds at the right moment and can take you to some extreme places around the world.

This collection of photography ideas will be ongoing as there are hundreds of photography ideas out there. If you have any yourself, or would like to submit your work to the board, feel free to drop us a message.

Thank you for reading this article, if you have any other ideas please leave a comment down below and I’ll add them to the list!

20+ Photography Ideas

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