The Best Way to Master Photography Analysis
With our “Photography Analysis Worksheets”

Ever since we started Photography Revision in November 2016, we have been on a mission to help people learn more about the world of Photography.

Whether you’re studying, a beginner or simply want to get better at photography, we wanted to make a website dedicated to making photography simple.

Most of the team here had to learn the hard way, buying books to learn about a specific camera and then reading it every day until we mastered all the modes and learnt the jargon!

When we started studying photography, the main course work our teachers gave us were to analyze other photographers work.

I was given a basic worksheet, with 10 questions and then had to work out what all the keywords meant. I didn’t know what a “Low Key” image was!

After some research, we have created these “Photography Analysis Worksheets”

Discount Worksheets

Included In these are:

Photography Keywords and Terms: 3 Pages of the most common photography related terms from modes on a camera to types of editing techniques.

The Photography Analysis Worksheet: Included in the main worksheet are over 40 questions for you to ask yourself when analysing a photographer’s image.

Analysis Example Sheets: We know how frustrating it can be to interpret a photograph, so I have also included 2 different examples of photography analysis. Plus, a spare blank one for you to fill out!

We’ve spent a long time finding the best questions for interpreting images, so we are pricing these worksheets at £15 ($20). However, seeing as these are new I’ve reduced them to £10 ($13) for a limited time only!

So if you want to get access to these amazing worksheets, use the secure checkout below which will send you a link once the checkout is complete!

We’d love to hear how you get on so pls do get in contact with the team with any feedback on our contact page.