Is photography your passion? Or want to take better photos? Sometimes taking a course in photography is the way to go as it can Study you all the skills you need.

However if you’re already an established photographer sometimes it might be hard to decide if you need a qualification in it. Plus deciding whether or not you want to study photography at college or University can be a tough one. You need to decide which method best suits the way you can learn a new skill.

6 Reasons Why You Should Study Photography

To help you decide here are some reasons why you should maybe consider studying photography!

1. To Learn the Skills Used in the Industry

One of the main reasons people take up a photography course is for the contacts! Many photographers are self-employed and if you’re starting a business with no help it can be hard. So while you study make sure you network to help further your career.

2. Qualifications Help

Yes, quite a few established photographers are self-taught but loads of photographers have qualifications on their CV. Plus when applying for jobs some ask for qualifications as a requirement.

3. To Be Creative and add to Your Portfolio

Being on a course will force you to take images in a certain style, even if you’ve never attempted that style before. During most courses they will make you research a particular photographer to see how they take their images. You will then have to take your own images in their style, pushing you to create more!    

4. Earn Some Side Money

Some freelance photographers can earn between $30,000 to $100,000 a year! So learning becoming a photographer on the side may increase your income. There are many ways to make money as a photographer from Stock Photography to selling prints.

Not only that, but your teachers will understand the current ways people are making money through photography. Like starting up your own website or creating workshops in your local area.

Photography Worksheets

5. Interaction with Other Photographers

One definite way to improve your photography is by meeting other like-minded people. Therefore if you join a photography class you’ll make friends and all help each other improve your skills.

6. Learning Different Styles

Meeting all these photographers and researching leading photographers can only help you find out which style of photography suits you. You might research photographers such as Martin Parr and find a passion for documentary photography!

However studying photography might not be a viable option for everyone. Cost definitely can come into play when learning photography as it’s an expensive hobby! Nevertheless if you have a passion for pursuing photography there are loads of great books and EBooks you should check out!

7. Meet New People

Photography can be an enjoyable experience when you share it with like-minded people. By joining a photography class, group or community you’ll not only be learning from each other but also enjoying the company of others who have the same passion as you. Meeting new people is also great for improving your photographic portfolio – they may even end up being one of your first clients!

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